Questions and answers: 

1.  At what stage presently is the Karolina area design, and/or is there a Planning Permit issued for it? We would like to draw it into the wider relations layout situation.

The contest source data were complemented with the layout situation including the Karolina area development stage, which forms a part of the purchase agreement entered into between the City of Ostrava and the Multi Development Czech Republic. At the same time the Building Permit was issued.

2.  What are the local conditions concerning the groundwater in the Černá louka (Black Meadow) area, is the active zone declared in the subject area and is the Q 100 flood level defined? Are there any flood-prevention measures considered or being prepared?

The geological conditions of the subject area are obvious from the geological survey made, which is available for the contestants at the Department of the Ostrava Municipal Authority Chief Architect. The Q100 level for Ostravice River is available at the web site of the Moravian-Silesian Region:

3. The subject area border links to neighbouring area of the (New) Karolina, where the building development is already in progress. However, in the source materials there remains to be a "blank area". Could at least the layout situation be complemented, comprising the street network and the assumed volumes of the buildings?

The New Karolina area layout situation was complemented.

5. Is there any dendrological survey available, or a reduction of the vegetation with exception of the two protected plane trees can be envisaged?

No current dendrological survey is available. All interventions into the vegetation are possible within context of the existing legislation and the Conditions.

6. Is it possible to obtain the historical maps?

Yes. They are available for reference in the Ostrava City Archive, Špálova 19, Ostrava-Přívoz., tel.:599450012, e-mail:, through the standard procedures.

7. Is it possible to provide a more detailed description of the set of files named "TM"?

Yes, it is already available within the framework of the contest source data.

8. In the source materials named "source materials 280110 -autocad" in the "Drawings" folder there are files of .rtl and .prn formats - probably the plotter printing files, which can be hardly used for creation of the contest drawings. Could we obtain these files in a normal raster format (.jpg, .tiff, etc.)? This is important at least with the wider relations. Admittedly, in other source materials it is contained, but at insufficient discrimination.

In case of the *.rtl format the printing formats of the files are concerned, the files for opening are in the .jpg folder. Or, if someone would want to print a file directly in the format and discrimination (A1, 300dpi) set, he/she may use the above print file formats .pm and .rtl. Otherwise, for viewing in a PC the files in the above folder are intended.

9. In the "Poster" source materials in the "Layout situation with the existing buildings highlighted" neither the Antonín Dvořák Theatre, through  which the border of the subject area passes,  nor the building land registry No. 3233 on the land plot No. 214/4, owned by the "Národní divadlo moravskoslezské, příspěvková organizace" (Moravian-Silesian National Theatre), are highlighted (in blue colour). In what way is it possible to deal with the both buildings?

The Contest Conditions provide unambiguously, which buildings have to be preserved, and the other ones are left at the discretion of the contestants.

10. The graphic section should contain also the "spatial representation of the subject area in the orthophotomap in scale of 1:1000". What precisely is meant by this? Axonometric projection with 90° angle between x and y axes, or a cavalier projection? The territory's level is variable and the orthophotomap is a planar representation.

The orthophotomap is a photography made from top - from a great height, thus it seems to be a flat representation, but it contains both the shadows and the perspective - even when suppressed. Thus it is not an error that the Contest Conditions speak about the spatial representation. However, in principle an imprint of the proposed layout situation into the plan called orthophotomap is meant, which to certain extent has a character of a geodetic plan, since it is in scale. Maybe that some contestants will conceive this required representation as a drawing into a photography. Also this way is possible. The contestants simply have the task to plot their architectural and town-planning design into the orthophotomap. Here the jury will not assess the technical form. It is necessary to select an adequate form for this special (modern) plan.







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